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 MUTLife Rules and Guidelines

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MUTLife Staff
MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: MUTLife Rules and Guidelines    Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:24 pm

Welcome to

General Rules

All trades/wagers with high risk, other guests or silver members are AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Any trades/wagers with member+ , gold members, elite members, or prestige members are covered by their vouch amount.

•No Paypal, MSP, or cash trades or bets on (violation of TOS)
•Follow rules of games you play IE: no glitching or cheating system
•Be respectful of other members. Remember why you come to a site in the first place.
•NO SCAMMING or WELCHING. This will not be tolerated in any way , shape or form.

No pornographic/graphic images or anything staff deems offensive. No warning will be issued and temporary chatbox privileges will be suspended
Personal Attacks in chat will not be tolerated. Any attack on someone else does not belong in the chatbox and should follow the issue/dispute steps:

Issues / Disputes with another member(s)

•NO callouts in chat. Private Message the member.
•If a member ignores or the situation isnt settled. Private message ANY staff member by clicking on the Moderators section on the bottom of
•All issues should be kept respectful even if you are in the right and have been the victim.
•Vouching will keep the community safe, but if there is any worry a Middle Man can be done by ANY staff member from MUTLife and will be guarenteed 100% percent to complete the trade.

Vouching Rules

If a member scams or welches, that members vouches will be use to pay the victims. Do not vouch for someone you would not trust betting. If you do vouch for someone, it means you will cover that person if they do scam or welch.

Any “MAX VOUCH” will default to the members current trader rank

Rank Vouching Amount :
Guests -can vouch up to 5k
Members - can vouch up to 20k
Member+ - can vouch up to 25k
Gold - can vouch up to 30k
Elite - can vouch up to 40k
Prestige - can vouch up to 50k
Staff - can vouch up to 50k

If you vouch for someone and can't cover the vouch, your vouches will cover you unpaid vouch amount. Any members that have can't cover their vouch, they will be banned and their vouches will cover.

With that being said, Vouches are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and should not just be thrown around. This community needs to be kept safe and prevent people from welching. As always, stored coins are encouraged to have safe easy trades.

Rank Vouching Thresholds : Uninsured Members
Guests - Members start here
Members - need 75k in vouches from a ranked member

Rank Vouching Thresholds : Insured Members (insured up to their vouch amount)
Member+ - need 150k in vouches
Gold - need 300k in vouches
Elite - need 500k in vouches
Prestige need 750k in vouches

360 members can vouch for XB1 members.In the event of a scam/welch, vouches will be collected and transferred to the XB1

XB1 members may vouch for 360 members but at their own risk. If a 360 member welches/scams u have 48 hrs to come up with vouch on 360 or there will be consequences.(possible demotion)

Contact a staff member (CLICK HERE for STAFF) with any issues or concerns


- Wagers -
All wagers/bets must have a thread and must be confirmed by both members.

- To cancel a confirmed post -
Both parties must confirm the cancel
Cannot confirm a wager or trade and decide to cancel without BOTH parties

Stored coins and/or cards are the easiest way to complete a successful trade. Any staff member can assist with this. For stored coin bets, post who you need to transfer the coins to (CLICK HERE) for stored bank coins.

- Vouch Coverage -

Wagers/Trades with High Risk, Guests, Silver Members are AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Member+, Gold Members, Elite Members, Prestige Members will be covered in the amount of their vouch by EACH member who vouched for them in the event of a scam/welch.

As always, stored coins or a staff Middle Man can be used to do safe trades/wagers. The goal here is to all be able to make safe trades/wagers.

- Issues / Disputes -
If you have an issue with a trade, please provide the following :
 > thread with issue/dispute
 > summary of issue/dispute
 > members involved
 > proof (any and all)

*No paypal, msp or real money bets are to be done on this site. This may result in a ban as it violates the TOS.

**All trades/bets need to be paid within 48 hours NO EXCEPTIONS

***You cannot owe and continue to make new bets/trades. You MUST pay/complete trade before you continue to make new wagers/trades

****Staff members have the final say in all bets. Any bets over your vouch amount may be void unless stored coins or a staff member is used to MM the bet

Contact a staff member (CLICK HERE for STAFF) with any issues or concerns

MUTLife Staff
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MUTLife Rules and Guidelines
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