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 Super Bowl MVP - Blind Odds

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MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: Super Bowl MVP - Blind Odds   Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:35 am

Blind odds - Super Bowl MVP
Wager any amount of MUT 360 coins on either team.

Super Bowl MVP:

  • Peyton Manning (DEN) QB
  • Marshawn Lynch (SEA) RB
  • Russell Wilson (SEA) QB
  • Percy Harvin (SEA) WR
  • Knowshon Moreno (DEN) RB
  • Richard Sherman (SEA)
  • Demaryius Thomas (DEN) WR
  • Wes Welker (DEN) WR
  • Golden Tate (SEA) WR
  • Doug Baldwin (SEA) WR
  • Earl Thomas (SEA)
  • Eric Decker (DEN) WR
  • Field = Any player not listed above


You must send me a private message (McTuck) or (picklewalnutz) with the amount you wish to wager and specify which player. The total payout depends on how much is placed on each player

After game starts, payouts will be posted in this thread

Here is an example of pro-bowl payouts

Good luck to all
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Super Bowl MVP - Blind Odds
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