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 87 Ovr CoverVote Vick

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PostSubject: 87 Ovr CoverVote Vick   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:25 pm

Much thanks to EA for winning the giveaway

Anyways after playing roughly 15 games this past week i feel like i have an idea how he plays

The positives

-Speed and Acceleration are high enough to avoid ankle tackles

- his ability on the run to shake and run past qb spies is excellent

- Throwing on the Run is not a problem

- excellent at hitting the open receiver anywhere on the field

The Negatives

- any blitzes up the middle leave you in serious trouble . I have fumbled quite a few times because of failure to not have a hot read

- has trouble threading the needle on tight window throws

-hard to find touch throws

- Under throws deep throws . I use guys like desean jackson wr deion ff harvin and all have been under thrown with him not something i expected from a qb with 97 throw power

-Fumble , Fumble , Fumble Do Not get hit with him

- injury prone

Overal I enjoy how he plays inside my system . I run a ton of spread out formations with hot reads and mix in screens and read options. if your a fan of extremely fast qbs he's your guy . dont expect to run a under center short pass offense with him through stick with 15-20 yard throws and dont force them if you dont have a hot read facing blitzes up the middle Get that ball out and avoid getting sacked even if its forth down

i dont recommend ever taking hits with him if your looking for a more polished passer go with guys like Russel Wilson Cam Newton or Ghost young

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MUTLife Staff
MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: Re: 87 Ovr CoverVote Vick   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:30 pm

thats the thing about vick, he is a small body QB and when he gets hit........well we know the rest.

Great review on this card and hope to see more of these
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Join date : 2014-02-03

PostSubject: Re: 87 Ovr CoverVote Vick   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:55 pm

some people asked what lineup i ran with him so heres a quick run down

qb CV Vick
HB 99 Sweetness , 93 ovr LE McCoy FF Ivory, prima barry sanders
FB 88 Marcel Reece , amazon franco harris
WR Playoff D Jax , Captain Cooper, Ghost Kennan Allen , ff harvin , wr deion
TE 96 vernon , bca cook , ghost penn
LT LG RG RT Rttp tyron smith
C Matt Kalil
LE Dwight Freeney RE Trent cole
Dt FF Pot Roast
LOLB ff mathis
mlb FF washington FF kendrick
Rolb Alec Ogeltree
Cb rttp tillman , ff dee milner , ff sean smith , ff brandon boykin
FS 99 B DAWK , 85 sean taylor
SS FF cam Chancellor , 85 amazon rod woodson
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PostSubject: Re: 87 Ovr CoverVote Vick   

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87 Ovr CoverVote Vick
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