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 Mutlife Connected Franchise RULES!!!!!!!!!

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MUTLife Staff
MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: Mutlife Connected Franchise RULES!!!!!!!!!   Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:52 pm

I know some of you love to play dirty & others don't like to play someone who is playing dirty, so I have the folowing gameplay rules in place:

NOTE: if your opponent does not know the rules, please inform them that there are set rules before playing them, this prevents any mishaps or broken dreams.


No going for it on 4th down unless down in the last 3 mins of the 4th quarter r down by 21+ at any point

No going for two unless needed to tie in the late 4th quarter

No nano's/ shake/ glitch blitzing

No constant read options( can't use any type of option more than twice per drive)


anything I left out? Please let me know & I will add, if you don't see this before playing the game, i understand, but I hope you do.

Failure to follow these rules (if you know) will lead to a warning, than if you do it again you forfeit the game, if you continue to disregard the rules, you will be kicked from the league.

Thank you for reading the rules, now have fun & whoop ***.  
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Mutlife Connected Franchise RULES!!!!!!!!!
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