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 MUTLife Upcoming Events and News

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PostSubject: MUTLife Upcoming Events and News   Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:12 am

Upcoming Events @ . Supporting both XBOX ONE and XBOX 360

Come join us at for some friendly wagers, nightly poker, and multiple playoff and superbowl events and contests. All contests below will have payouts options for either system. Your choice

Playoffs -12/28
Playoff Bracket – Similar to March Madness. Fill out your bracket to who will win and progress throughout the NFL playoffs to win the Superbowl. Entry is free and will payout TBD to the person with the most points correct. You will receive 2 points for a wildcard win, 3 points for a divisional win, 5 points for a conference win and 10 points for a Superbowl win.

Playoff Squares – 12/28
Each member will be eligible for 2 free squares and can purchase additional squares for 5k MUT. Payouts will be for the correct final digits of each quarter

Revis Raffle – 12/28
Your chance to win a 97 Thanksgiving MVP Darrelle Revis ! Every ACTIVE member is eligible for 1 free raffle ticket and can purchase additional tickets for 1k. This raffle will happen on 12/28. Sign up here for more info and rules

Wheel Spin – 12/27
There will be prizes on the wheel and every member will have the opportunity to have a shot at a chance to spin the MUTLife wheel. To be eligible for this, you must sign up here . Will be live streamed

Blind Odds
MUTLife will pick 1 game per night to host for blind odds. Wager the amount you wish on either team. The total amount wagered on each team will be totaled and depending on how much is wagered on that team and the amount wagered on your team will determine the payouts once the game begins. Will open that day or day before and ability to wager will close at start of that game.

Nightly Poker
Poker for MUT coins on Will have some promotional freerolls and also nightly tournaments as well as tables with 20k max buy in for both XBOX ONE and XBOX 360.

Vouching and Wagers
Eliminate welching and bet with members that have insured vouches. We also have the option for coins to be stored on XBOX ONE and XBOX 360

Come hang out with us @
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MUTLife Upcoming Events and News
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