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MUTLife is a site built for you, by you. We are a community of trusted and respected traders. Making your ultimate team playing experience as fun as possible.

Insured trades/wagers with a MUT vouching system, chatbox, events, giveaways, poker, tournaments and more.

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 About MUTLife

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PostSubject: About MUTLife   Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:45 am

Here at MUTLife we are all about community, respect, legit members, and having fun.

This site has been created around you the members of the Ultimate team community, we embrace several principles:

1. Community is defined as:People with common background: a group of people with a common background or with shared interests within society.  We are all here for a similar purpose, and we should be working together to make the Ultimate Team/MUTLife community stronger.

2. Respect, You should always respect each other, this means personal attacks, derogatory statements that allude to offending another member.  We do understand that you will give others a hard time to have fun and that is okay.  However when conversations get heated in chat it should not be for the community to see.  

3. Legit members: We strive to have the absolute most upstanding and legit members that the Ultimate team community has to offer.  We have a vouching system that ensures that any activity on this site that may compromise the legitimacy of any member is covered.  Everything is covered from Card deals to welching.  We will not keep members here that are not legit, you get one chance, that is all, so stay legit.

4. Have Fun: Please utilize all that we have to offer here from the card deals, sports betting and other betting games.  We will have events as well to promote a fun and exciting place to hang out.
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About MUTLife
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