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 Chat rules

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PostSubject: Chat rules   Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:30 pm

1. no spammming chat this includes but not limited to: logging in and out on purpose to create and "X-mas" show, saying one word with one letter in each line, saying the same thing with a 3 minute span (even refrecing in different words is included.  I think it common  If you are deemed spamming chat you will be banned for an undefined period of time

2. No personal attacks on someone also includes no pics of members or facebook account info we would like to keep a good level of respect towards each other.  

3. No getting around the censor at all we all know what they look like and are.  

4. No mocking these rules or Mods if you feel we are not going to follow thru with this please try to test it i would not recommend it.

5. no derogatory words are to be used racial, homophobic ect.

All these rules are subject to discpline including but not limited to kicking, banning and more.  
If you have questions about these rules please feel free to PM me, i will be happy to explain.
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Chat rules
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