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 Staff Member Application

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MUTLife Staff
MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: Staff Member Application   Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:24 pm

Here at MUTLife, we like to think of everyone as equal and respected members of the Ultimate team community. Staff works hard and donates their time and effort to make sure your Ultimate team experience is the best.

The following is a staff application that should be filled out entirely if you are interested in a staff position. We will review the application and based on needs of the staff. Please note a response will be given within 48 hours. Please fill out form below:

Send Apps to cougar and myself (make sure you send to both)

MUTLife staff application

Age / School status or Work status

How many hours per week do you play xbox?

How many hours do you visit MUTLife per week?

Why should we choose you?

If you were to become a staff member, how would you benefit the MUTLife community?

Add any additional comments telling us why we should choose you

Please note that any staff member is held to a higher standard and must show respect to members and other staff. Staff members are expected to help in ALL areas here at
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Staff Member Application
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