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 Big Mutlife YT giveaway stream announcement

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MUTLife Staff
MUTLife Staff

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PostSubject: Big Mutlife YT giveaway stream announcement    Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:04 am

Hey guys, so as you know me and McTuck are starting the MUT Life youtube channel( we don't have a video out yet but we do have one uploaded already, but if you want to subscribe here ) anyway as a big thing which I am thinking about doing to bring some real attention to the site is a livestream giveaway where on xb1 I will be giving away some cards that I don't need,( lmkif you guys can do something for other consoles) play some games, open packs, etc... Well I need ur help too since I don't have a ton of stuff to lose, I will accept any donations that you guys have to offer if you are so kind, I think this stream will take place next friday @ 10:00 pm est ( let me know what time you guys want) but please if you want to leave ur gamertag and what you will be giving away in this format:

Tier of card:
Type of card:
price Range:
other( for example if ur donating coins please say so here):

Let me know on this ASAP by private messaging or posting here
remember, this is to promote the channel and site and a chance to do something nice, once again thank you,

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PostSubject: Re: Big Mutlife YT giveaway stream announcement    Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:09 pm

lemme look threw my cards and ill donate for xbox one
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Big Mutlife YT giveaway stream announcement
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