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 Vouching Rules and Member Ranks

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Vouching Rules and Member Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Vouching Rules and Member Ranks   Vouching Rules and Member Ranks EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 1:08 am

Vouching Rules
If a member scams or welches, that members vouches will be use to pay the victims. Do not vouch for someone you would not trust betting. If you do vouch for someone, it means you will cover that person if they do scam or welch.

Any “MAX VOUCH” will default to the members current trader rank

Rank Vouching Amount :
Members - can vouch up to 20k
Member+ - can vouch up to 25k
Gold - can vouch up to 30k
Elite - can vouch up to 40k
Prestige - can vouch up to 50k
Staff - can vouch up to 50k

If you vouch for someone and can't cover the vouch, your vouches will cover you unpaid vouch amount. Any members that have can't cover their vouch, they will be banned and their vouches will cover.

With that being said, Vouches are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and should not just be thrown around. This community needs to be kept safe and prevent people from welching.

Rank Vouching Thresholds : Insured Members (insured up to their vouch amount)
Member+ - need 100k in vouches
Gold - need 300k in vouches
Elite - need 500k in vouches
Prestige need 750k in vouches

Contact a staff member [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] with any issues or concerns
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Vouching Rules and Member Ranks
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